You can easily create a number of games and animations using small amount of lightweight coding in no time. You don’t believe us? Here are 10 amazing javascript demos that were made using 1k or less:

Matrix is Raining

Remember the groundbreaking, sci-fi movie that defined an entire generation and created new nomenclature? Yes, the Matrix. There was this famous scene where you can see the green matrix rain down on the screen. You can easily recreate it using just 956 bytes of code. Pedro Franceschi did it and so can you.

April showers bring May flowers

You have seen the wallpaper. You have used them before but they are static. How about if you could turn it into a fun spring game? Abigail Cabunoc has seemed to done just that. He has created an alphabet based animated game using codes that were compressed using Closure Compiler. The wallpaper has an inbuilt game that you can play by typing the alphabets that you see on your screen. As you continue to play, the game will pick up speed making it difficult to continue.

3D City Tour

Do you love city islands? 3D City Tour will take you on a small tour of an island city in first person mode. With the help of your mouse, you will hop around from one rooftop to another or simply fly all over the city like Superman. You can also drive around the city like you are a car yourself. You will be amazed to see the details that the developer was able to code under 1k. There are street signs, traffic signals, buildings, sky with clouds, parks, and even a sea. The developer, Jani Ylikangas, has successfully shown just what all you can achieve using creativity, knowledge, and some lines of brilliant coding.