Canvas is an amazing element that the visual experts in the field of javascript have been using for some time now to create amazing visual effects. It has enabled experts to create amazing animations without the need of flash. This solves a lot of problems as flash is no longer supported on most popular browsers.

With that thought in mind, here are 9 amazing and potentially mind-blowing javascript based canvas demos for you to consider:

Zen Photon Garden

Zen Photo Garden is one of the most amazing demos in the world. Using this particular demo, one can effectively draw on the canvas with the help of streams of reactive light. This allows the user to effectively take a look at his end result or product in real time and write new lines of code appropriately. The user can also save and reload output in no time.

Tear-able Cloth

Tear-able Cloth has really picked up speed within the javascript community during the last few years. Very little amount of coding is required to run this amazing little program, but it is amazing how much you can achieve and how smooth it is. The user will need to pull the ends really hard in order to make the physics work in their favour. But, the results are amazing.


There are a lot of things going on in this demo at once to be able to explain it in words. You will have to take a look at it to understand what’s happening here. Effectively, the demo makes use of colour, correction lines, position, and opacity at once to create smooth animations that are a joy to look at. Apart from this, it is really very difficult to explain it apart from the FTW.

In the next article, you will read about three more demos.