With this article, the 9 Mind-Blowing Javascript Based Canvas Demos series will come to an end. Here are the last three demos:

Free Rider 2

This is probably the first game that has been mentioned in this list and for all the right reasons. There are so many possibilities with canvas. Canvas is largely touted as the future of HTML5 and the games that it makes possible. Firefox seems to be leading the race. This is a biking game where you are the rider. A downhill track that is waiting to be conquered.

30,000 Particles

This is a real demo to watch, especially because it contains exploding particles. So here is how it works but you have to see it to believe it. There are shapes and objects made up of circles with a radius, and these particles keep exploding and then returning to their original shape and position. The user is allowed to control the moment and the explosion of the particles by using a mouse. This addictive demo uses simple logic and interactivity to create a captivating effect.

HTML5 Video Destruction

The animation and graphics deployed in this demo are simply beyond words. They are captivating and eye-catching. As the name suggests, the video of the canvas will explode into several pieces creating a strangely satisfying effect. The video is made up of hundreds of pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle. You know you loved those puzzles in your childhood. So, when you click the video, the pieces will explode in hundreds of pieces but the video will continue to move forward. Eventually, the pieces will come back to their original position and you can click again. You will find it hard to stop clicking.

These were nine of the most worthy javascript based canvas demos that we have come across. There are others but not all of them can be covered. It is beyond the scope of this series.