Continuing our journey, here are the final 4 of the 10 amazing javascript demos that were made using 1k or less:


An interactive 3D game that was created by a developer named Benjamin Bill Planche. There is an algorithm called the Painter’s algorithm that has been used here to create this amazing and captivating game. The purple mesh is created by projecting different faces of the system that is defined by the camera. It is then sorted in descending order to create the painting. Even though it looks chaotic, there is an order.


All of us, as kids, have played the famous helicopter game called Comanche – Maximum Overkill. While the altitude of the helicopter is on autopilot, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to roll and pitch your chopper. The color of the sky will change from day to night offering a pretty realistic gameplay that runs at 25 FPS. Siorki, the developer, used Packer code to develop the game.


You will immediately notice the simplicity and the beauty of the game. There are small circles of red and green that are constantly rotating in circles, and they eventually form a rotating flower. Only 960 bytes of data was used by Cheeseum to build this game.


Thanks to Roman Cortes, you will need a powerful piece of hardware than your average computer, but it will be worth it. There is the furbee that moves around on the screen very artistically. It is beautiful to look at and amazing just how much you can achieve under 1k. The blurring effect with a beautiful landscape in the background is made possible using the CLosure Compiler.

So, these are just some of the exciting games that you can enjoy under 1k. Have you created your own masterpiece yet?